Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Burda Young 6718

Semi-fitted Sweatshirt
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Fabric:  Black/grey HEX Performance from SSE
Size 38

My son LOVES this shirt.  It is a very quick shirt to make, one of those immediate gratification sewing projects.  Basically it is a raglan with bands for sleeves and the body of the shirt, which means no hemming!  For this one, I used black rib knit.  I originally purchased DBP for the sleeves, but decided the weight difference between it and the HEX performance fabric was too great.  So, I ran up to Joann's for some micro fleece which was perfect.

The collar is very long, so keep that in mind if you make this.  I told my son I could shorten it a little, but he likes it the way it is.  I always use interfacing to reinforce the fabric before attaching the grommets.  The shirt is a little big, but for a growing teenage boy, I always tend to leave a some growing room to maximize the amount of time he can wear it.

The next one is made from French Terry that I purchased from Fabric.com.  Since FT is so light weight, I used the same fabric for the bands.

For the collar, I press the fold and then put the drawstring in before sewing.  The fold is wide enough to accommodate the drawstring and be able to top stitch.

My son wears both over a t-shirt to layer for these cooler weather days we have started having.

I'm definitely going to make myself one of these shirts but in a nice and cuddly-soft fleece!

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  1. That looks like a great pattern, perfect for autumn. You should definitely make yourself one, it looks so comfortable!

    1. I put the French Terry on to see how I liked the shirt before I spent time making me one--it was wonderful and so comfortable! LOL These sew up so fast that it shouldn't take me long to make my son one for every day of the week. Finding the fabric is the hard part. I wish they printed more interesting fabrics for boys/men.

  2. Very nice work! These look comfortable to wear:) I would love to wear like them. I didn't think they were quick to make. Bravo!

    1. Thank you! Yes, very quick to make. It's so nice to have a favorite pattern (for my son) that I can make in a morning!

  3. I love them both!! I'm so sad Tayden didn't want that first fabric. But I still love it. I'm going to steal it for leggings. Thanks for reminding me about this burda pattern!!

    1. Those will make cool looking leggings! I thought that too with the athletic performance fabric I bought for his other Burda shirt (unblogged).


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