Monday, January 22, 2018

Girls Simplicity for basic Ts and Cardigan

Simplicity 8105
Girls Size 14
Fabric Type:  Rayon Jersey Knit

My daughter desperately needed some basic tops for school.  Try as we might, we just couldn't find anything in the stores that she liked.

This is what, or rather what she did not want, that I had to avoid:

No "V" neck
Not too high of a neckline, nor too low
Not too wide at the bottom hem and no high/low hem

So I chose Simplicity 8105 as my base pattern to work with.

As you can see, view C has a 2 piece back, with the lower piece having gathers.  To eliminate this, I laid the top piece above the bottom, overlapping the would-be-seam allowances and taping together.  I then drew a line from the width of the top edge to the base of the lower bodice piece, removing some of the overall width.  I also made the front and back pieces the same length.

I also lowered the neckline.  I cut the neckband 2 x 21 inches, folded wrong sides together, and stitched it to the wrong side of the neckline.  Then I folded it over the top, enclosing the seam.  This is my preferred neckband method for rayon knits.  My daughter loves it!

Rayon jersey knit has such a nice drape to it.

All the shirt fabrics were purchased from Fashion Fabrics when they were having a sale on their knits.  I purchased 1.25 yards of each color for $3.95 a yard.  Each top cost just under $5 to make!

 Simplicity 8184
Girls Size 16
Fabric Type: Rayon Jersey Knit

My daughter picked out a cardigan style she liked at the mall and said, "can you make this?"
This pattern was basically the same thing but obviously a lot cheaper to recreate.

To stabilize the back neckline, the instructions said to use bias tape.  In lieu of this, I cut a strip of black polyester lining fabric which worked quite well.  All edges are simply turned up and hemmed...painstakingly time consuming for such a simple cardigan LOL.

The two patterns pair nicely together, giving her that basic casual look she wanted.

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  1. That's the style of t-shirt that I tend to wear, but perhaps a little slimmer. Goes great with jeans. Wish I was into sewing for myself, because I'd save heaps, but it's just not happening at the moment.

    1. Me too Pam; I like this style but a little slimmer. There are some really cute swing-style patterns out there. I have to resist though because on me they just look like a bag LOL.

  2. These are lovely and look comfortable! I would like to make some tops and cardigans too! Most Japanese women are sensitive to cold, and I usually have a cardigan in my bag during summer:) I MUST make mine!

    1. Thanks Eli! The high school is very cold with the air conditioning, so year round my daughter needs some layers to wear. Summer weather is even worse I think because it is so hot outside and then going into air conditioning is even more cold.

  3. A good t shirt pattern is one of those patterns which is hard to find your favourite, but once you do you make it again and again! I love all the tops and the lovely cardigan too.

    1. Thank you! After I posted this, I thought it might seem strange to go through the effort of changing a pattern for such a simple t-shirt, but you are so right, it is so hard to find the perfect shirt until you make it yourself!


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