Friday, June 29, 2018

Switching up the pockets on the Maritime Shorts

Grainline Maritime Shorts
with a Jalie Bobbie V-Neck Top

The last time I made the Maritime shorts, I made them with faux double welt pockets and didn't change out the front pockets.  I do like the pattern designed pockets, however, change is always fun, especially just because you can!  I had a pair of RTW shorts that I loved the front pockets on, both inside and out.  So, I got busy and did a rough trace of them just by laying a piece of paper on top of them and outlining the seam.  That was just the beginning.  I have to admit, it took me all morning long to figure out how they were made!  I was so tempted to take apart my RTW shorts pockets at one point, but perseverance paid off and I figured it out!

And just because I wanted to add even more time to the construction of these shorts (LOL), I decided to make single welt pockets for the back.  Honestly, I'm so happy I put forth the extra time and effort because I really love how they turned out.  It is actually very easy to line up your welt pockets.  I transferred the back pocket pattern marks to my fabric.  I used dark enough chalk that would show through a strip of interfacing.  Then, I simply placed a pin at each outer edge of the pocket marks where the pins would stick out on the right side.  At this point, I just put my welt pocket fabric right over the pins, which held it in place while I secured my fabric with other pins.

I made a picture tutorial for myself so I would not forget how to assemble my pocket pattern pieces should I make them again.

For my Bobbie top, this time I made a couple more alterations for an even better fit.  I decided to shorten it by 2 inches.  I also bought up the neckline by 1/2 inch.  To do this, I put my ruler right at the "V," measuring up 1/2 inch and made a mark.  Then I used a curved ruler to blend the neckline up to the notch.

My shorts fabric is Lyocell--they are so soft and comfortable!  My shirt fabric is rayon/spandex.  Both fabrics were purchased at Joann's.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley


  1. I love the changed pockets! I’m also very impressed by the welt pockets, they look great.

    1. Thank you! I haven't sewn many welt pockets. It is definitely a skill I want to perfect so they won't take me so long to do in the future!

  2. I love the shorts- especially the welt pockets are perfect! It was worth making them. Congratulations, Shirley;)

    1. Thank you Eli! That's why I love sewing so matter how long I do it, there is always something else to learn!


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