Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Ottobre 2-2013-07 Dress

Ottobre Women's 2-2013-07
Fancy Flower's Dress

Size 38
Alterations:  Swayback Adj, Shortened by 2.5 inches

Details:  Front and back are gathered to the double-layer shoulder yoke
Button placket with a small inverted pleat at the bottom
Back is gathered at the waistline with narrow elastic

I love this dress!  Only regret I have is not making this sooner.  I have pulled out this Ottobre issue every summer and thought to myself, "I want to make this dress."  I finally did and I am so happy.

Narrow hem. 

No adjustment to the depth of the armhole.  Don't you love it when that happens?  

Back yoke is slightly curved, but it's hard to see with my arm pulling it up.

I haven't made a button placket in such a long time, so I quickly made one up on some scrap fabric first.  The only part that gave me pause was the finishing at the bottom of the placket.  The two button bands (right on top of left) lay underneath the dress and the triangle created at the bottom by your slashes is folded underneath (thereby making that "triangle" with it's right side against the right side of the button band).  I hope this note makes since to me in the event I make this again and forget. ha ha

My white buttons really blend in to the fabric.  At first I thought 5 buttons would not be enough, but it was.

Challis fabric purchased at Joann's.

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  1. This is lovely! I really like the fabric, the colours and pattern are so nice

    1. Thank you so much! It reminds me of the ocean with the colors.

  2. Such a pretty dress and I love your fabric choice! I especially love the back style. I think making a rounded hemline is difficult, but your work look perfect!

    1. Thank you Eli! I was drawn to the fabric color since I do not have this color at all with my other clothes. I seem to choose the same colors all the time, so I have to force myself to break free of those habits. It feels good when I do.

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