Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Ottobre Summer Safari Shorts with McCalls 7391

First up is my review of

McCall's 7391
Size 12

Alterations:  Forward shoulder, swayback adjustment, lowered sleeve cap to remove excess ease,
raised placket by 1.75 inches, and removed curved hemline after completion and finished again with a narrow hem.  I did find that the blouse was a little snug at the hips, so I unpicked my stitches from the dart down and gradually went from a 5/8 inch seam to 1/4 inch for a little extra room.

 Details:  Bust dart, back shoulder dart, eyelets, short sleeves with cuff band, neckline facing

I decided immediately that the placket would need to be shortened. By the looks of the pattern envelope model, it would be too low on me.

I like it!  It was a bit challenging trying to pattern match, but I think it turned out well considering how fiddly challis can be.  Instead of purchased lacing, I made my own out of the same blouse fabric.  It took me 3 attempts until I was satisfied with my fabric strip.  My first try was a tube that was too wide; it overpowered the eyelets.  My second attempt would be too narrow of a tube to turn with my turning tool. Below is a picture I took showing how to do this without a tool.  Do not use yarn (pictured below).  It will break.  With my third attempt, I used some cord, but it was too thick.  It was made of twisted braids, so I just separated the braids and used one.  This was much stronger than the yarn (no picture).  I used my zipper foot to sew as close as possible, without stitching through or on the cord.  With a little patience, it works well.

My eyelets aren't perfectly even on each side of the placket.  Measure and measure again before you punch your holes.

Next up is my review of

Ottobre 02-2017-05
Summer Safari Shorts
Size 38

Alterations:  Swayback adj, scooped out the butt a little, and flipped zipper opening to the right (because I always use Jalie 2908 jeans zipper instructions and they open to the right and it confuses me to switch it around in my brain!)

I'm thrilled with these!  The Tencel fabric is a perfect weight and makes for a dressier pair of shorts too.

Details:  Front Dart, deep pockets, elasticized back waistband, belt loops, velcro pocket flaps above back pockets.

I thought with the elastic that I would not need a swayback adjustment, which is normal for me to make with non elasticized pants and shorts.  However, removing 1/2 inch at the CB seam, eliminated some fabric that seemed to be too much when pulled together by the elastic.  I made this adjustment on my pattern for next time.  I prefer not altering the CB seam and pinching out a 1/2 inch dart more towards the center of my pattern.

 Shorts Fabric:  Kaufman Tencel Slub Indigo Fabric.com
Shirt Fabric:  Rayon Challis Joann's Fabrics

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  1. This outfit looks great! Pattern matching the top fabric must have been a nightmare, good job! I really like the cord in the matching fabric too.

    1. Thank you! It was a struggle for sure to match the fabric print. Part was skill and part was pure luck! I try and then get to a point where I think, good enough. ha ha

  2. What a great outfit! I love the casual look and such pretty shorts. They look comfortable. I too need new shorts for the summer🌅

    1. Thank you Eli! I'm very happy with this outfit. It's nice when the shirt comes together with the shorts. I have always wanted to try shorts in white, so I think I have found the right pattern now for them. Plus, this shirt should look good with the white shorts too.

  3. I love the top and shorts! I am searching for a good shorts pattern. These are really cute and the fabric seems perfect for them. I like the top as well. Have this one on my to sew list.

    1. Thanks Linda! I really like the comfort of the shorts since there is nice wide elastic in the back, but you don't see it in the front. The construction of the front to back waistband has such a nice finish to it.

    2. My comment now doesn't make sense to me! Oh my. You don't see the elastic in the front waistband because there isn't any there...only on the backside. I thought I should clarify that since I don't know how to edit my own comments. ha ha

  4. Thank for your very good article! i always enjoy & read the post you are sharing!



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