Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Jalie 3907

Jalie Alex Half-Zip Pullover
Size R

Jalie's half-zip pullover is exactly like my daughter's RTW pullovers that she loves to wear!  I'm so excited about this pattern because now she can pick and choose her fabrics.  I love it and will definitely be making some for myself.

According to my daughter's measurements, it put her in a size Q.  However, I decided to size up to an R, which was a spot-on match when compared to the ones I've bought for her.

Fabric is Sew Lush Rhubarb from Joann's.  It's pretty thick to sew and will overtake your zipper, so I chose a jacket zip.  It was a separating zipper, but since you cut it anyway, I figured it didn't matter.  I just had to be very careful when sewing the seam as to not break my needle.  This fabric is "lush" but man does it wreck your sewing room with all the fluff when cut.

No elastic was used but is a pattern option.  My daughter typically wears this style jacket to be loose over leggings so I didn't insert the elastic...which saved me time anyway.

I thought I may have to add some length, but it was plenty long enough already.

And she loves the HUGE pockets!

No alterations and pretty quick to sew.  I tip my hat to Jalie again for putting out a timeless pattern that will be made for me and my girls many times over.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley