Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Jalie Alex and some other Christmas Crafting

Jalie 3907
Size R

Fabric fleece purchased from Joann's.  We really can't get enough of the Jalie Alex pullover!  Now that I've made 3, I'm able to sew them up quickly.  

This one I made for my other daughter.  I have one to cut out for myself in Sew Lush, which I told myself I would not use again for this jacket. LOL  But, as the name suggests, it feels so good to the touch that I couldn't resist one for myself.  I'm not looking forward to wrecking my sewing space with all the fluff it will create.

I'm really proud of this creation which I made for a dear friend of mine.  She is a quilter herself and a much better quilter than I am.  I really thought I should have my head examined to gift a quilt to a quilter, but once I saw these Santas at Designs by JuJu, I immediately knew who I wanted to make them for.  I paired them with the Jacobean designs from JuJu as well.  Fabric purchased from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I love how elegant everything came together.  I used the black swirly fabric for the backside.  If you aren't familiar with Missouri Star Quilt Company, they have beautiful fabrics and also many tutorial videos.  I used one to refresh my memory on the binding.

I have an adorable little great niece who I made this toy for.  Pattern is the Flatty Dog from JuJu.  I also put the crinkle stuff in it so it would make noise, purchased from Amazon.

 Another project in the works is a Christmas quilt.  My plan is to embroider 30 squares of these fun Christmas designs, making a pretty decent-sized quilt for one of my girls.  Once finished, I'm going to turn around and do it all over again! LOL  They don't know it yet, but I thought how great it would be to gift each one of them with such a fun quilt to enjoy and to have as a family heirloom to be enjoyed one day by their own children!  Needless to say this will be an ongoing project for months.  

These are from JuJu also.  Needless to say, I'm a huge fan now of JuJu.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley