Thursday, February 13, 2020

Easter Alphabet Quilt

Here is a quilt I made for a precious little one for this Easter.  The applique letters are from Designs by JuJu, as well as the fonts, which I have listed below if you are interested.

This is my first time using the method "quilt as you go."  I'm really pleased with the results.  With all the embroidery stitches, it would have been tedious sliding this around the machine to quilt.  Instead, I was able to free motion quilt each block.  This part was so much fun.  There wasn't a lot of free space around each letter, so the stippling was quick and I was able to do it over a weekend.

I don't think I have ever wanted to photograph the back of a quilt before.  This time I'm not afraid to show it; it turned out so pretty.

I have Embrilliance Essentials software, which provided a way for me to do some creative work for the corner squares.  I'm not very tech smart, but I find Embrilliance very user friendly.

I simply copied over the bunny, egg and flower designs and added some pretty fonts.

Here are some notes on my actual quilt construction, as well as pattern and fonts purchased from Designs by JUJU.  I'm detailing my construction notes in case I want to recreate this style quilt again.  I really struggle with quilting math, but this worked for me.  I really cut it close with my fabric because when I purchased it, I didn't have any idea what my sizing would a little bit of winging it happened.

Fabric purchased from Missouri Star Quilt Company:
Meredith Charm Pack
Meredith flowers Ivory, 2 yards
2 yards of Kona Cotton white, 1 yard of petunia, and 1 yard of gumdrop

JUJU Designs:
Egghunt Easter Alphabet
Behind Green Eyes font for the name
Farmhouse Lemonade for Here comes Peter Cottontail
Carried Away font for date and Elegant Easter Motif 2 for the Cross

Cut 10 x 10 squares of white Kona cotton to do embroidery applique, using medium cutaway stabilizer
Resized squares to 7.5 x 7.5 for free motion stippling (this gave me an area to start and stop in if I needed to.  Sometimes stippling can be tedious and it's nice to have an area to rest it in)
Trimmed to 6.5 x 6.5 for quilting

Front Sashing Strips:
4 strips x 2 inch width-- cut into 7 inch pieces
9 strips x 2 inch width-- left width of fabric

Back Sashing Strips:
4 strips x 1 inch width-- cut into 7 inch pieces
5 strips x 1 inch width-- left width of fabric

4.5 inch strips WOF x 4 for border back
4.5 inch strips WOF x 4 for border front

5x5 inch fabrics for letters
Resized W & V to fit on 5 inch fabrics
Used tearaway for dense areas outside of letters like bunnies and flowers
Used WSS over bunny faces to make jump cuts easier without risking snipping threads underneath

Starched all fabrics during embroidery and quilting

I bought myself a mini cricket press and it is wonderful!  It is great to use when pressing applique  while still in the hoop.  It heats up very quickly.

In addition to this quilt, I also did a little sewing for myself.  Jalie Alex for me in Sew Lush fabric from Joann's.  I also made the Jalie Yoga pant to match.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley


  1. That quilt is amazing, it must have taken so long! The jumper looks great too.

    1. It did! I started it in October. It ended up being bigger than I had thought it would be...a pleasant surprise. :)

  2. Love, love, love your alphabet quilt, Shirley!!! It will be treasured for many years.


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