Thursday, May 14, 2020

Sinclair Ivy

Sinclair Ivy Tee
Size Sm 10 petite

Ottobre Leggings 5-2016-9
Size 38

Fabrics used:  Cotton Lycra from Purple Seamstress
Rayon Spandex from Joann's Fabrics

I did not make any adjustments to the top, but next time I will make a forward shoulder adjustment.  The neckline is high to begin with, but with an adjustment, it will be more comfortable to me.  I should have done this since it is necessary on all tops I make.

I really love the back pleat.  This is the perfect kind of top to wear over leggings.  With the Florida heat, I retraced my Ottobre leggings pattern and cut them at 12.25 inches below the crotch curve, hemming by 1 inch.

The curved hem may be a little tricky to a beginner because there is an inch of fabric to turn under, which can be fiddly when sewing with rayon spandex.  If you turn up an inch and just start right at the crease with a little bit of steam, you can gradually move your iron up to flatten the fabric.   I kept my hem at an inch vs turning to make a narrower hem and used my cover stitch machine.  I found that if I put a small piece of interfacing right at the edge of my hem, it helped me to have an easier start with my machine.

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  1. Your top is cute. I just made my first Sinclair pattern and plan to post something soon. I really like their patterns because they draft for petite and the only changes I had to make was FSA and swayback. Your top looks great on you and love the fabrics used.

    1. Thank you Linda! I forgot that this was a petite size. This is my first pattern to sew up and I really like it. I went ahead and bought their Rio pattern. I have another tank top/dress pattern, but their petite option has really sold me on their patterns. I made the FSA to my pattern before tucking away in an envelope. I'm definitely going to be making another.

  2. I really like the contrast of the fabrics! The leggings look really useful too.

    1. Thanks! My 16 y/o daughter chose the fabrics for me. :)


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