Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pants to Skirt Refashion

Have you ever visited Pam's blog Threading My Way?  She did a guest post at House of Estrela where she made an adorable little skirt refashion.  However, she made it with pleats instead of gathers!!  I just had to try it out.  I came across a pair of pants in our donate pile that would still fit one of my girls.  I'm so happy I had some blue and purple ribbon to tie in the blue gingham to the purple pants fabric.

These pants don't have an adjustable waist and were just a tiny bit too big, so I made a matching belt to help cinch up the waist.  I like the look.  After the skirt was made, we went searching thru her clothes in hopes of a shirt to match.  I think this shirt goes with it perfectly--we got lucky with that!

My daughter decided to go a little longer with this one.

I just love the pockets on these pants!  You don't normally see a lot of pockets on skirts, so I think it makes it even more special!

The cost in making this was super cheap!  The spool of ribbon was $1, the pants were handed down to me by another mother, and the blue gingham I've had in my stash for years.  Even with the gingham it took less than a yard.  You can get gingham on sale for very little cost.  Maybe total cost for everything $3 - $4

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pink Fig "The Girly Skirt"

Here are skirts for my girls made from Pink Fig's "The Girly Skirt No. 4"
This is a very basic skirt pattern that is great for a beginner looking to make an easy skirt.  I purchased this pattern as a tool to teach my girls to sew.  I wanted a pattern that they could read and easily understand and this was a good choice.    I purchased this pattern a year ago and told them it was theirs when they were ready for an actual sewing lesson.  One of my girls was ready.  They both already sew on the sewing machine making crafts and other things.  

I have to say that I really like this skirt pattern.  Sometimes the simplest of skirts is just a great staple to your child's wardrobe.  It's easy to pull on, nothing has to be buttoned or zipped, and it just looks good.   There are no actual pieces to this pattern; instructions include dimensions to cut based on child's age.  All you need are fabric and elastic.

She is very proud of her first "real" skirt she can wear.  I did assist with the gathering stitches and I threw in a lining of batiste so she wouldn't have to wear shorts underneath.

Sometimes I forget about accessorizing with lace or ribbons until my girls go through my stash and find something from long ago that they want to use!  I love these little butterflies and wouldn't have thought to use them at the hemline like my daughter did.

(big box underneath the table to elevate the presser foot!) is one I made for my other daughter in an eyelet with a batiste lining as well.  We did not do the coordinating band at the bottom of the skirt shown on the pattern.  

...a little rickrack at the seam where the waistband meets the skirt.  

If you have children, it is a great idea to teach them to sew if they show any interest.  I started teaching my girls and my son at age 6.  I purchased felt squares and taught them to thread a needle and they began sewing the squares together by hand.  Now all 3 of our children know how to use a sewing machine as well as sew things by hand.  It is amazing how much they learn just by observation.  I am just in awe of their abilities.  I can only imagine their skills when they are my age!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The "Ruska" Raglan-Sleeve Blouse

 My daughter picked out some owl fabric that she loved, so I went thru my patterns to figure out what kind of top I could make with just the yard that I bought.  I really like the Ruska top in the Ottobre April '08 magazine.  However, I didn't think she would like the neckline.  Wearing a layered garment isn't really within her comfort level.  Looking at the pattern pieces, I knew that this could easily be adapted for a peasant-style blouse.  I cut it out in the 128 size, but I left off the seam allowance on the side only.  I turned the top down by 1/2" and used 1/4" elastic.  I also left the arm band piece off (per my daughter's request), and I also omitted the elastic at the bottom so it wouldn't be confining.

Shorts are made from the Craft Mama's Funky Pant Pattern.

 I just LOVE these owl
earrings I found for her.....they compliment her blouse very well.

Shirt fabrics purchased from
Shorts fabric purchased from Girl Charlee
Earrings found on an Etsy site

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Crafty Girl's Skirt

 This weekend, one of my girls went through her clothes and pulled out what no longer fit, passing them on to her sister which is able to wear her hand-me-downs (who thought with twins you could do that?).  I had forgotten about making this skirt, which was pre-Blog days for me.  So, I took some pics and thought I'd share with you what I did.

All you have to do is cut off a pair of jeans right below the zipper area, making sure you have a "skirt" opening with no legs.

I took a piece of cotton fabric and cut it the length I wanted by the WOF.  I seamed the side edge, and then hemmed both top and bottom edges.  Next, I gathered the top of the fabric and sewed it to the "top" of the denim.  I like seeing the ruffled cotton layered on top instead of sewing right sides together.

Embellish with ribbons, buttons, and other trims.

I'm so glad this skirt resurfaced.  When my one daughter grows out of her jeans, her sister doesn't want them since she doesn't wear jeans.  However, she loves the idea of me turning them into skirts!

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ottobre's Cordelia Cotton Dress

I am so excited about this dress--I love it in every way!  This is the Cordelia Dress (#3) in Ottobre Woman 2/2012.  I made this in a size 36.  I normally by a RTW 38 in tops, but my RTW pants/shorts/skirts are a 34.  I decided that a 36 would work for me, banking on enough ease in the top and I was right.

As soon as I saw the pattern, I knew immediately that Valori Wells Wrenly Voile would be the perfect fabric.  That rarely happens for me....knowing what fabric would work best!  

I found the pattern instructions well written.  I love how there are horizontal gathering seams front and back to give this a more fitted shape.  Elastic is sewn right to the sleeve edge and then turned up for the hem.  This is the first time I have done this and really like the look.


I really took my time sewing this dress, basting everything first.  I used my serger to only finish seams, being careful not to sew over the stitched seam by my sewing machine.  

Fabric purchased from
Buttons purchased from a local fabric store

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th of July Outfit

A couple of years ago I made this dress for my girls for our 4th of July celebration.  This is a very quick and easy pattern to sew up...great for those moments when you are pressed for time or just looking for a basic sundress!

So this year one of my girls asked me to make her an outfit for this 4th of July, but she asked me last night!  No problem.  Thankfully I still had these dresses, but obviously they had well outgrown them. My husband had a fantastic idea!  Instead of making the dresses again, I cut the bodice off and inserted a navy blue jersey band.  

It really is a good idea to hang onto items of clothing, if you have the storage space, because you never know when a refashion opportunity will present itself.  In a matter of 30 minutes, I was able to create an entirely new looking dress.  My daughter says she likes this version even better than the original.  She likes that it is soft and comfy around the tummy.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Modkid Kimberly Maxi Dress Pattern

I made one of my girls a halter top using the Kimberly Maxi Dress PDF pattern from Modkid.  She has been asking for a halter top for a while.  I want to make dresses for my girls too, but I don't have enough fabric at the moment.  I had some great Lila Tueller fabric in my stash that she was drawn too, and the green for the bodice was some fabric that I picked up locally at the craft store which matched well.  I had bought this fabric for myself, and when I don't get to "my" fabrics, my girls always snag it for themselves.  Of course, it's okay.  I like that we have the same taste in fabrics. 

She has been so use to wearing knits that she is unsure of how she likes this as a top.  I told her to give it a little time to see, plus, a halter top is such a different feel anyway.  This fabric is more of a medium weight fabric, so a lighter one in the future might be more comfortable for this type of top/dress.  

The fabric she chose for the back is my favorite!

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