Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jalie 3242 Underwear

I'm so excited that I actually made underwear!  I made these this morning for my son using the Jalie Underwear pattern #3242.  This pattern includes a variety of styles for your whole family.  This pattern has only 2 pieces.  I especially like how Jalie tells you exactly what length to cut your elastic--no measuring and hoping for a good fit.  

I have to say these are fairly simple to make if you are accustomed to sewing with knits already.  The only part I found challenging was the topstitching around the paneled area.  Jalie shows using a straight stitch, but try as I might, I could not find the right combination for my machine to do this in the manner that I found pleasing.  I think a zigzag works just as well for that area.   

I first saw this pattern on the Male Pattern Boldness blog.  Referring to his blog post really helped me to be able to make these.

My son said to me, "now all you have to do is learn how to make socks and you can make everything I wear!"  

I purchased the elastic from Sew Sassy.  It's the "plush backed" brief elastic.  I haven't been able to find any other brief elastic that is colored, so I think I might try using some fabric dye in the future.  For the underwear, I had a large enough piece of jersey knit in my scrap bag--hurray!

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Bathrobe with matching pajama shorts

Here are my son's matching bathrobe and pajama shorts that I made over the weekend.  He loves penguins, so I found this flannel on the website; they have a large variety of fun prints.  I used Simplicity pattern #5329, size boy's large.  

The directions are simple and easy to follow.  I omitted the inside ribbon ties.  The only other sewing supply you need for this robe is interfacing for the band of fabric that is sewn around the neck and down the front opening.  

I used Ottobre's boxer shorts pattern, 6/2011 #37, size 140.  I will definitely be using this pattern a lot.  Its size range is 128 - 170.  These have an elastic waist with a button fly, requiring 2 buttons.  My son says these are really soft and comfortable to wear.  

I think my cost for this project was around $10.  

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Simplicity 1894

I feel like this is almost too basic a top to post about!  This is so simple, yet my daughter loves it.  This is a Disney "Shake it Up" pattern and so far this is my first project.  I have Simplicity 1895, another Shake it Up pattern, that I will be sewing from as well. I actually made this tunic in a stretch knit instead of cotton and left the bottom unhemmed.  I used fold over elastic on the arms, and I made a neckband out of the chevron fabric.  The pattern, for this tunic, calls for cotton and then bias tape for the neck and arms.  I will do that as well.  I just had this chevron left over from a previous project that I had promised my daughter.

Tunic fabric purchased from Girl Charlee
Old Navy T-shirt and leggings

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Denim Skirt

Last week I made one of my girls a pleated denim skirt.  I found a tutorial here on the Sew Delicious site.  This is a very basic pattern that even a beginner sewer can accomplish.  All you need is some elastic and the ability to sew a straight stitch.  I found the directions very clear and easy to follow.  I came across this site while searching for a denim skirt pattern that would be fairly quick and easy.

 A simple foldover casing with elastic inserted on the backside only.

I added a tie to the back for fun.

I included a side panel to keep with the flow of the topstitching.  I love topstitching denim, so that is something I did extra beyond the tutorial.

I might sew a couple of matching buttons on the front at the tops of the pleats when I find some.  For now, it looks great even without.  Cute!  And absolutely perfect for school attire.  

My other daughter has already put in her request for one. :)

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley