Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Querida with a touch of Sparkle!

Farbenmix pattern Querida
Size 134/140

Here is one of my girls' new coats!  I have been working on this little project for a couple of weeks--a lot of time, effort, and love went into this.  She is a huge fan of My Little Pony, and a while back asked if I could make her a coat with Twilight Sparkle on it.  I forgot how much I enjoyed doing applique.  

I used anti pill fleece, lined with flannel, and also some Insul-Bright which is an insulated lining that I sandwiched between the fleece and flannel.  I did not put the Insul-Bright in the sleeves, only the body part of the coat.  This coat is so warm! 

Who doesn't love a HUGE pom pom on their hood! :)  I lined the hood with fleece as well.

Twilight Sparkle in her beautiful gown with matching shoes.  I made her out of pieces of felt, putting her together like a puzzle!  Then I had my daughter sit beside me at the sewing machine, guiding me as I did the inside stitch details.  The eyes were definitely the tricky part of this applique since they are made up of a few different layers.  I am very pleased how this turned out.  

Pockets are sewn into the side seams of the coat.  My sewing machine has monogram capability.

Got to have the cutie mark!

I really like this coat pattern.  Pattern instructions are in German, but you can go to their site and see a brief summary on how to assemble the coat.  First I use Google Translate and translate the pattern pieces to English, writing it on the pattern for reference.

My next project is a puppy-themed Querida.  After that, I am in desperate need of some jeans for myself.  Time to pull out the Jalie jean pattern!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Relajarse for me!

Ottobre Relajarse Miniskirt 
Size 158 with added length

Antonella Shirt Farbenmix
Size Small

I loved the skirt I made so much for my girls, I made one for myself too!  Over this past year, I have lost 20 pounds, and I discovered that my hip size falls, for now, in the Ottobre kids measurements--lucky for me! This is a fun, casual skirt and I will wear it a lot this winter.  I paired it with the Antonella shirt by Farbenmix.  I like the keyhole neckline.  There are many variations with this pattern.  You can cut up the sleeves, having many colors, plain long sleeve as I have done, or even cap sleeves!  You can opt for the basic neckline too.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Ottobre Relajarse Skirt with Tellervo Top

Relajarse Miniskirt 
Size 134 with added length

Tellervo Jersey
Size 128 cropped to shirt length

Fabric purchased from

 It is a mini like it says, and even with the added length, I could have gone another inch which would have been better I think.  Next time I will.  I traced this out in a size 134 but did not add seam allowances except for the top that attaches to the waistband and also pockets except for outer curve.  My girls are both a 128 in the waist, and the smallest size in this skirt is a 134.  Elastic also goes in the waistband, which makes it a perfect fit.  

I interfaced the pockets.  I don't know if you can tell with the photo, but there is a rivet on the outer edge of the pocket.  If you haven't installed a rivet before, they are very quick and easy to do.  I use a nail and a block of wood.  I hammer the nail threw the fabric, and before I remove the nail, put the bottom piece of the rivet at the tip of the nail and push it up through the fabric, pushing the nail out.  If you don't do this, it's really easy to loose that hole after you remove the nail.  Then you use a tool to press the top of the rivet onto the bottom.  It really adds such a nice professional finish.

The leggings are RTW.  Sometimes I think I need to start making leggings too, but they are pretty cheap to buy from Old Navy when they go on sale.

For the top stitching, I found a nice decorative stitch that makes a zigzag with a straight stitch on both sides.  I also used my walking foot since the fabric is a little thick.

I doubled up on the knit trim on the side of the skirt.  There is a considerable difference in fabric weight and I felt it would be too flimsy.  I did not feed the drawstring through the waistband of the skirt.  With there being elastic, I didn't see the need.  I made a bow and tacked it to the front of the waistband.

I'm definitely mommy sizing this one for me!  It will be great having this skirt for cold winter days!

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tunic & Dress

I did some more mustache dress/tunic sewing.  I had already made one of my girls a dress, so I was catching up trying to make one for my other daughter.  They LOVE the mustache fabrics.

Ottobre 3/2012
Jungle Stripes Jersey Dress
Size 128
I left the elastic out of the sleeve hem

This dress soon became a "tunic" for her sister.  My other daughter didn't like it.  She said, "it doesn't feel good around the neck."  This is a different neckline than she is accustomed to wearing.  I love the pleats and elastic.  I think it looks adorable.  I tell my children though, if you don't like it, you don't have to wear it.  With sewing, you just don't know until it's on how you are going to like it.  I have made myself many things that never got worn more than once.  That doesn't happen as often now since I have learned by looking at a pattern if it suits my personal criteria of what I want.

I would like to make this in a dress for her as well, but I would need to lengthen it to 170 cm.

Next is the tunic turned dress, which I hoped (fingers crossed) that it would be more to her liking.  It was!

Ottobre 1/2009
Tellervo Jersey Tunic
Size 128 with a length of 170 to make it more of a dress for her

I shortened the sleeves since she didn't want them long.    

I figured out a shortcut on pockets.  I used a new t-shirt that my son never wore.  I lined up the top edge of the  pocket pattern piece with the t-shirt's bottom hem.  All I had to do was turn the remaining edges under and sew.  That was easy!  If you have the space, it really does help to hold on to other items of clothing because you never know when you can incorporate them into your sewing.  I didn't have a white solid fabric and then I looked over and saw this t-shirt that was the perfect bright white to match the mustaches!  Try as I might, there was no way I could get a neckband piece out of it.  I thought about trying to cut away the t-shirt neckband, but it was a double band with a color that didn't really go with the blue of the dress.  That's okay, she loves the bold white pockets...I do too.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Getting Crafty with Minecraft

Ottobre Hooded Sweat Jacket #32
Size 152

Here is my son's "Minecraft" hooded jacket!  He is a huge fan of Minecraft.  I was inspired by Kristin over at Sunny Sewing when she made her son one using an Ottobre pattern.  

I purchased all materials through  I love this fleece.  It is called Winter fleece Micro Chamois.  I used Pellon stick-n-tear for the stabilizer when I appliqued the Creeper face to the jacket.  I had to be really careful not to scorch the fabric.  It was a little tricky to hold the iron long enough to get the Creepers to stick without overdoing it.  I used Heatnbond Lite for the iron on adhesive.  I used a 22" sport separating zipper, which was really easy to sew on.  The only thing that gave me difficulty with this jacket was making the welt pockets.  I practiced on scrap fabric first and STILL made a mistake on my second pocket.  Thank goodness I had just enough green to cut out another front side!  I put the pocket on where it opened to the wrong side--how on earth did I do that?  I even checked before sewing, but obviously was confused.  

I made the jacket a little big so he can be sure to wear it next year!  

I kept the Creeper low enough on the jacket to not be covered up by the hood.

It is so nice to use ribbing for the arm cuffs and bottom hemband.  It makes sewing up a jacket so quick (once I got past the welt pockets that is). The hood doesn't cover up his face, he is just looking down.  The only thing I did not do that was part of the instructions was to include elastic in the hood.  

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Johanna Coat

I'm so excited about my new coat!  This is a Farbenmix pattern, the Damenmantel Johanna.  I bought this pattern last year and it took me a while to decide what fabrics to use and how to make it.  The instructions are written in German; however, you can go to the Farbenmix website and see a summarized version of instructions and photos of how to assemble the coat.  It is minimal, so you do need to have some sewing knowledge under your belt.  

I chose to make my coat in a brown wool blend with a dark brown flannel lining.  This coat is so warm it is like putting on a blanket!  I did take the wool fabric to the dry cleaners before I made this.  I didn't want to risk it shrinking later.  

It took 3 yards of wool, as well as 3 yards of flannel to make this.  That was really cutting it close...pun intended.  You can make this without a lining if you use a fabric that does not fray.  The instructions are to assemble this coat leaving visible seams.  Since I chose wool, I couldn't do this.  I wasn't sure if I would like having my seams visible anyway.  I may try that in the future if I find a fabric that I like.

I kept the sleeve lining longer than the outside wool shell so I could fold it over onto the sleeve, creating a cuff.  

I got a little creative and came up with my own pocket flap.  When I ordered my buttons, I did not initially plan on using them on the pockets.  That is why the coat is missing 2 buttons at the moment (bottom button and very top button).

I purchased my fabrics and notions from  Total cost for this coat was $40 (the wool was on sale).  It was definitely one of my more expensive sewing projects.  

I am very happy with the fit.  I made this in a size small (34/36), with no alterations.  I topstitched all the seams flat except for one underarm seam.  Since it was the last seam, it wasn't possible to sew it.  The facing took me the longest to do.  Some was sewn by machine and the outer neck area I stitched by hand.  I used my walking foot for all my sewing.  I find that I am using that foot more and more.  It is extremely helpful with sewing knits and heavy fabrics.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley