Friday, December 13, 2013

Ottobre 3-Piece Outfit

Ottobre 1/2009
#30 Tintti sleeveless jersey top Size 134
#31 Tellervo jersey tunic Size 134
#33 Minna miniskirt Size 128 cut at length 170 with 1" hem

This is a great outfit!  I had a lot of fun sewing these pieces up this week.  Elasticized shirring is actually pretty easy.  Instructions are included in the 1/09 issue.

This outfit is really perfect for school.  I tend to be old-fashioned with their skirt lengths.  I like them a little on the long side, which is easy to accomplish with Ottobre patterns.  I just cut the size width and trace it out to the longest length.  You can always cut away an inch if need be.

I used a crinkle jersey knit for the sleeveless top, a jersey knit for the long sleeved t-shirt, and a twill for the skirt.  Twill is kind of stiff, but my girls said they like a skirt made from it.  I did a lot of hand stitching on the sleeveless top.  I didn't want my stitches to show along the straps.  

I got my shirring to match up perfectly on the side seam!  Love this top!  

These photos were taken this afternoon after school, so the outfit was kind of wrinkled.  In the morning it is too dark for pictures.

I like this skirt pattern.  It is very basic with simple pockets and invisible zipper at the back center seam with a button closure on the waistband.  It doesn't even take a whole half yard, so it's cost effective and you can have several as part of your wardrobe.

I'm still waiting for my son's coat fabric to arrive in the mail, and I had planned on making me something, but I couldn't resist sewing up this outfit!  My daughter already wants this outfit in another color, and my other daughter has put in a request for an outfit for herself.  My sewing que is bursting at the seams!

thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley


  1. Great job Shirley! These all look great together but also have the ability to work with just about any top/bottom combo. I want a gray striped shirt for me now! :)

    1. Thanks! You know what, the thought of these pieces working with other clothing combos had not occurred to me! LOL The gray striped fabric is so soft. I think I bought it from Girl Charlee. I need to check and see what type of fabric it was so I can be sure to get that kind of jersey knit again. I really should start writing it down so I can refer back to what I like or don't like.

    2. Great idea :) I need to do that too. So fed up with poor quality knits. When you find a good one keep track of what it is!

  2. Very nice, and the sleeveless will be a great all year long shirt!

    1. Thanks KellyI I had not thought about the sleeveless being worn alone, but it can because it is not sheer. Plus it should still fit since it is very stretchy with the elastic.


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