Friday, July 26, 2019

Jalie 3246

Jalie Maxie Dress w/ Shrug
Size T

Alterations:  1/2" Swayback, forward shoulder, shortened back strap by 1" 
and dropped the armsyce down 1", removed 3.5 inches from length

I've moved!  It feels wonderful to get back to sewing.  This move was stressful.  The movers showed up with a truck that was already half full with someone else's household, allowing for only half of a truck for us.  So that meant our belongings were split between two trucks, which also meant two separate deliveries. Most of my kitchen was in the second load...of course.  My husband and I had our mattress but no bed frame.  Our children had bed frames with no mattresses.  If there were 2 parts to something, rest assured, they were split between trucks.  I was so happy to have my tea kettle, but even that was missing the base to it.  BUT, we have all our things now and my sewing room is together.

My daughter asked to go to Hobby Lobby for some vines for her room decor, so while there, I checked the fabric area.  I found this lovely floral that was on sale for around $5 a yard.  I was a little nervous about such a bold print because it is not my usual for fabric choice.  However, I knew exactly the pattern I wanted to try...Jalie 3246.  I was able to pull up the fabric requirements via the Jalie website.  As soon as I got home, I went to retrieve my pattern and was shocked to see that I didn't have it!  I really thought I owned that one.  Thankfully PDFs are quick to order and download, but not so quick to assemble ha ha.  I use my sliding glass door area to tape the papers together.  With the sun shining through, it makes it easy to line up.  I was struggling with the paper and holding the tape and hollered for my daughter to come help.  As I was nearly finished, she popped her head out of her room and wanted to know what I needed.  Never mind I said, I'm just trying to tape my pattern together and it's hard holding it but I'm almost done.  She says, "Momma, why don't you just tape it to the glass?"  Sigh.  Well of course that works very well.  Just sharing in case the obvious has escaped you as well.  Now on to my pattern review!

(Should have straightened out my shrug here)

I altered as I sewed and after I attached the front to the back, I tried the dress on and quickly realized that the straps were too low for me.  I pinched the fabric together and determined that I needed to remove 1 inch from the back strap and then adjusted the armsyce by deepening by 1 inch too.

I love the method Jalie uses for the neck and arm bands; it is a very nice finish.  Next time I make it, I will lower the back neckline a bit since shortening the strap brought it up.

Love, love, love this pattern.  I purchased this pattern specifically for the shrug, but I'm just as happy with the results of the dress too!

Thanks for stopping by ~ Shirley